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Perry Kaufman
Perry J. Kaufman

Perry J. Kaufman is a financial engineer, well-known for developing algorithmic strategies for the global equity and futures markets.

Beginning as a “rocket scientist” in the Aerospace Industry, where he worked on the navigation and control systems for Gemini, and later in military reconnaissance. Mr. Kaufman has applied his broad knowledge and experience in computers and technology to trading methods, risk analysis, and portfolio selection for institutional and commercial applications.

His expertise includes a wide range of applications, including short-term trading in cash and futures markets, market neutral strategies in equities and futures, FX carry, portfolio risk management, leverage overlays, and mutual fund timing.

In addition to the development of unique price theories, the research process itself has resulted in closing the gap between theoretical and actual results, a necessary step in yielding robust trading models.

Mr. Kaufman has published 9 books, the most well-known Trading Systems and Methods, now in its sixth edition. They have been translated into many languages.

KaufmanSignals.com was developed to serve as the resource center for traders who want to take the emotion out of their trading decisions. Based on time-tested methods, developed and refined over many years, it provides well-defined portfolios and clear trading signals for a wide range of investment objectives.

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