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Perry J.Kaufman

Perry J.Kaufman

Perry Kaufman began his career as a “rocket scientist,” first working on the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-1), the predecessor of the Hubble Observatory, and then on the navigation for Gemini, later used for Apollo missions, and subsequently in military reconnaissance.

Perry then transferred the techniques developed in Aerospace for estimating the path of a missile to his systematic programs for trading in markets. His programs serve institutional clients in the financial, forex, energy, and agricultural markets. Mr Kaufman writes extensively on markets and strategies.

Trading Systems and Methods, in its fifth edition, has been called “remarkably insightful ─ the most authoritative and comprehensive work in the industry; it puts the process of  research and development into a cohesive framework.” His books have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese, and he continues to lecture to economic forums, investor groups, and graduate students.

A Guide To Developing A Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy, published by Wiley in January 2016, shares Perry's years of experience in compact, easy-t0-read book.

KaufmanSignals.com was developed to serve as the resource center for traders who want to take the emotion out of  their trading decisions. Based on professionally tested methods, developed and refined over many years, it provides well-defined  portfolios and clear trading signals for a wide range of investment objectives.

Books by Perry Kaufman

A Guide to Creating A Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy 

Trading Systems and Methods (5th edition) 

Alpha Trading: Profitable Strategies That Remove Directional Risk

A Short Course in Technical Trading

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