Trend • Timing • Divergence

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Perry developed to serve as a resource center for traders who want to take the emotion out of their trading decisions.

Based on time tested methods, developed and refined over many years, it provides well-defined portfolios and clear trading signals for a wide range of investment objectives.

Trend • Timing • Divergence

Three algorithmic strategies in 5 portfolios are designed to be very different so they can blend together and diversify your portfolio.

We provide a full explanation of the strategies, daily trading signals, historic performance, and sample portfolios that meet the needs of most investors.


Daily/Weekly Trend Progam

This enhanced Trend system is combined with a dynamic portfolio selection strategy and extreme risk controls that have proved successful since its beginning.

The daily program also includes an Income Focus Strategy and DowHedge. Weekly trends include Sector Rotation, Income Focus, and the DowHedge strategy. These programs offer diversification and liquidity.


Daily Timing Progam

Timing signals are a variation on classic pairs trading, but with larger returns per share.

This program exploits undersold stocks while limiting risk during down markets by hedging correlated index markets.


Daily Divergence Progam

Divergence is a short-term pattern strategy that exploits periods of price uncertainty and looks to determine the direction of the next price move.

It can complement a trend strategy by offsetting losses during periods when the trend is turning

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New Book Releases from Perry Kaufman

Perry J. Kaufman - Kindle 2020

Kaufman Constructs Trading Systems

"Kaufman Constructs Trading Systems" is a step-by-step guide to developing a successful trading system for stocks and futures. This book not only answers critical questions about trading systems and development that were asked by attendees at his conferences; it takes the process to another level, giving more examples of trading systems and covering many topics that are essential to success.

There is a complete discussion of trends systems, mean reversion methods, and pattern trading for daily and intraday data. Perry gives you a deep understanding of the principles that make trading systems profitable and steps through the entire process from the idea to the rules, from testing to deciding on the final model.

There are valuable sections on risk control and portfolio selection, based on his years of experience. This easy-to-read book will be a most welcome addition to your library to help you on the road to success.

Trading Systems - 6ed.
Perry J. Kaufman - Wiley 2020

Trading Systems and Methods • Sixth Edition

The new edition of the definitive reference to trading systems expanded and thoroughly updated.

This respected book continues to provide readers with the knowledge required to develop or select the trading programs best suited for their needs.

This updated, fully-revised edition offers new examples using stocks, ETFs and futures and provides expanded coverage of arbitrage, high-frequency trading, and sophisticated risk management models.

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