3 Diverse Strategies

Three algorithmic strategies are designed to be very different so they can blend together and diversify your portfolio. We provide a full explanation of the strategies, daily trading signals, historic performance, and sample portfolios that meet the needs of most investors.

Our analysis is done overnight and orders are placed on the next open. You control your time.

Subscribers get value-added research and reports that will help you improve your trading and execution.

Find out how it all works!
Create Your Own Portfolio
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Take Control of Your Money

No one cares as much about your money as you do. By placing orders yourself and monitoring the performance, you can understand the risk and the reward, change your market exposure, and protect your assets.

Focus your attention on the markets for a limited time each morning and ignore the noise.

Take advantage of a directional market, yet be sure that your exposure is limited when it reverses. The programs are transparent and the concepts easy to understand, so you will no longer need to worry about what someone else is doing with your money.

Better Trade Decisions

Take advantage of Systematic Trading Strategies based on years of experience, research, and risk management with KaufmanSignals.com.

Perry Kaufman has developed, tested, and trades these systems.

Perry invites you to trade them too

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