Performance Review

There is nothing to see here. This page is not displayed.

This is the page on the Performance tab on the main navigation.
This page is redirected to a monthly performance review ‘post' which is set below in Theme SEO Settings > Custom Redirect URL


Steps to create Monthly Performance Review

I went over the steps to create and publish your Monthly Performance Review.
These revised steps should mitigate any publishing problems.
Keep this handy for future reference.
 Step 1 – Click ‘Add New Post' 
  1. Type in Title > “February 2015 Performance Report”
  2. In Category Boxes,  Check Performance, Uncheck Uncategorized
  3. Click Save Draft
It is important to perform the first three steps in order before doing anything else.
This sets the slug name which is used for the redirection later on.
You can change the title later on, not the slug.
The important part is that when you do step 1, the title is in “<Month> <Year> Performance Report” format
Step 2 – Create Report in draft mode  
Work on this as normal until satisfied with results.
Step 3 – Publish Monthly Performance Review Post
  1. Verify Category is set to Performance
  2. Click Publish button
  3. Click View Post
  4. Copy URL to clipboard
Step 4 – Update Performance Review Page  -this page
From the WordPress Dashboard
  1. Navigate to existing Page – Performance Review
  2. Open for Edit
  3. Scroll down until you see Theme SEO Settings 
  4. Paste URL from step 3.4 into  Custom Redirect URL area
  5. click update tab.
Ta Da!
  • Go to main page, click on Performance to verify results.
  • You're done, go work on your portfolio


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