TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY     No one cares as much about your money as you do. By placing orders yourself and monitoring the performance, you can understand the risk and the reward, change your market exposure, and protect your assets. You can take advantage of a directional market, yet be sure that your exposure is limited when it reverses. The programs are transparent so you will no longer need to worry about somebody else managing your money and when he might decide to protect your funds.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LESS TIME CONSUMING AND EASY TRADE DECISIONS due to generated trade strategies based on years of trading experience, research, and risk management through KaufmanSignals.com. Perry Kaufman has developed, tested, and trades these three algorithmic systems; they represent some of his best work.

THREE DIVERSE STRATEGIES   The three algorithmic strategies are intended to be very different so that they can blend together and diversify your current portfolio.


Timingwith signals based on a variation of pairs trading but with larger returns per share, this program exploits undervalued stocks while limiting risk during market downturns.

The Timing program is an arbitrage, only loosely tied to the direction of the market

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Divergencea short-term pattern strategy that exploits price uncertainty and looks to determine the direction of the next price move.

The Divergence program looks for short-term patterns with a predictable outcome.

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Trend, an enhanced version of the classic method scales in and out as the major trend strengthens and weakens.

This program takes advantage of the long secular price movements that have generated profits for fund managers for more than 30 years.

This program includes Sector Rotation and Income Focus.

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We provide a full explanation of the strategies, daily trading signals, historic performance, and sample portfolios that meet the needs of most investors. Our analysis is done overnight and orders are placed on the open the next morning. Subscribers also get value-added research and reports that will help you improve your trading and execution.

READ MORE ABOUT THE METHODS    For a detailed description of the programs, and sample portfolio, go to “Programs” and follow the links. For the monthly review of historic performance, go to “Performance”.

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