Daily Equity Divergence Sample Reports


This Group has 11 reports, five daily and six monthly

1. Two daily All Orders reports, one for stocks and one for ETFs.

2. Three daily sample Portfolio Orders reports, two for stock portfolio and one for an ETF portfolio

3. Four monthly Portfolio NAVs reports, one for each of the stock portfolios and one for the ETF portfolio

4. Two monthly NAV Tables, one showing the running NAVs for all stocks, and one for all ETFs


All Orders reports have the following Disclaimers:


Divergence All Orders Reports (Daily)

These two reports, one for stocks and one for ETFs, have the same  format. The following snippet shows the ETFs in alphabetical order by symbol. The first row, BBH, shows a long position of 121 shares entered on Nov 5 at 82.07. The loss since entry is $82.07 with a gain today of $87.12. There is no new order. Further down we see a long position of 322 shares of CURE that will be sold on the next open to exit the trade. There is also an order to sell short the Emerging Market ETF (EEM) although only long positions are entered in the portfolios. A “New Long” indicates that the position was entered today on the open.

G2 Divergence ETFs Orders All

Divergence Order Sheet for Portfolio of 10 Stocks (Daily)

The sample Portfolio Orders for a portfolio of 10 stocks is the same form as all other stock portfolios. Orders appear in different sections when they apply,

  • Positions to be closed out on the open
  • New positions to enter on the open
  • Positions closed out on the open, shows positions that should  have been exited on the previous  day
  • Today’s Positions, which include any positions entered on the open.

In this sample report there are 2 stocks to be closed out on the next open, 1 to be entered on the next open, and 3 that are held from the previous day. Because these trades are based on specific patterns as well as reliable historic performance, it is not always possible to fully fill the portfolio.

New Divergence Equities 10

Divergence Order Sheet for a Portfolio of 8 ETFs (Daily)

This Order sheet has the same format as the Equity Order sheet above.

Portfolio NAVs (Updated Monthly)

For each portfolio of stocks and ETFs there is a running record of results, including summary statistics at the end. All these files have the same format. The NAVs table below show a recent period, but all start at 100. At the bottom, the returns and risk are both annualized and the Ratio is the information ratio, the returns divided by the risk.

G2 Divergence ETFs Portfolio NAVs 8

Individual Market NAVs (Updated Monthly)

For those interested in creating your own portfolios, or doing more detailed analysis of risk and reward, there are two tables of NAVs, one for stocks and one for ETFs, both in alphabetical order, and both in the same format. The following is a small piece from the stock NAVs, long-only trades. Other tables with the results of both long and short trades are also available for downloading. Another article on this website will explain in detail how to construct your own portfolio.

G2 Divergence Stocks NAV Table (Long)

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